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Internship Blog Page Usability Redesign

This is my second project, that I created for myself, for my internship with GoodLife 45. My first, was the calendar page usability redesign. This project has the same concept, except I am focusing on their blog page.  Below is a screenshot of their current blog site (minimized slightly to show most aspects). The page starts […]

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Internship Calendar Page Usability Redesign

I virtually interned during my last semester (Fall 2016) with Good Life 45 a Christian TV broadcasting station located in Lake Mary, FL.  Recently before my internship began they went under a website redesign, and the outcome was very impressive. However, there are still certain areas of the site within certain pages that can be improved upon even […]

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CLIENT OVERVIEW: University of Florida landed Tower Hill Insurance Group, or THIG, as the client for our Capstone Class final project. Students were broken up into teams based on how we identified our individual skillset. this ensured each group was well rounded in the following areas, branding, coding, design, research, and writing. I was partnered […]

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