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WordPress – the Pros and Cons

WordPress, I was briefly introduced to you in my second semester in the WDOC program, however our only interaction was through blogger postings. This semester, in Web Interactivity, has opened up my eyes to all of the possibilities that WordPress has to offer. It has been interesting to learn that a good number of sites […]

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Shopify – an ecommerce solution?

Learning about WordPress and its options this semester opened up a world of questions that I had in regards to CMS. Upon learning WordPress was used by a decent percentage of the websites already out there, I figured it would be the best solutions for every type of business right? Well in last week’s lecture […]

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Usability testing is it needed beyond the initial user test?

 Usability has always been a topic that has interested me. There is nothing more frustrating then closing out of a website because you are unable to find what you are looking for in a reasonable amount of time, or even at all. But it’s not just being able to find the end goal; to me […]

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