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That aha moment with Grid Based Layouts

I have always been a fan of layouts. Before even beginning my web design journey I can remember enjoying creating layouts. Whether it is making sure that all of the memorabilia on my desk wall or the furniture in my room is laid out in the most efficient way possible. One of the first instances […]

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WordPress & Templates

If you select WordPress as your CMS you can choose to create your own template or select one of the thousands of free and/or paid worthy options that we previously had mentioned. But say you want to know more about templates, or if none of the pre-paid ones catch your fancy, well then why not […]

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Content Management Systems & WordPress

What is WordPress? If you are reading this post, well congratulations you know what WordPress is! Was that the worst explanation ever? WordPress started out as an easy self-hosting blogging site, and today is one of the most popular content management systems that run on PHP. Since it is an open source platform, hundreds of […]

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