Tower Hill has been insuring Florida homes and businesses since 1972. Partnering with more than 700 independent insurance agencies across Florida, Tower Hill offers plenty of coverage options to fit your individual needs.

Homeowners InsuranceHomeowners Insurance

No matter the square footage, location, or architecture, your home is your castle. It may be one of your largest financial investments on paper, but we understand that it’s so much more in all the ways that really count. Whether you own a house, condo, or mobile home, or live in a rental property, Tower Hill has a policy just for you.

Rental Property (Dwelling Fire)Rental Property (Dwelling Fire) Insurance

A fire in the home can be a frightening experience. Even when the family is safe, oftentimes many of your most valuable possessions will be unrecoverable. This is not the time to realize you have no coverage to help get your life back on track. Tower Hill offers dwelling fire insurance to tenant-occupied homes. Learn more about the risk of a dwelling fire in Florida and how easy it is to secure coverage.

Flood InsuranceFlood Insurance

With such low elevations and so many ways for water to reach your home, it isn’t surprising that floods are by far the most costly natural disaster in Florida. What may be surprising is that flood damage is not covered in home insurance policies. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all the flood insurance policies required by the National Flood Insurance Program are in Florida. For most Floridians, flood insurance is must-have coverage to protect their homes and possessions. Don’t wait until it’s too late to consider what you may have at risk in a potential flood catastrophe. Learn the facts and protect yourself.

Mobile Home InsuranceMobile Home Insurance

Tower Hill originally opened its doors by protecting mobile homes in the Miami area. We know the dangers that mobile homes are exposed to in Florida’s weather. We also know what it takes to rebuild. When storm clouds come to Florida’s shores, you can rest easily knowing that you have the Tower behind you, protecting your home and your belongings. After nearly 40 years of protecting Florida’s mobile homes, we’ve helped thousands rest well knowing we have their back.

Condo InsuranceCondo Insurance

Many condo owners think that their condominium association’s insurance will keep them covered in the event of a catastrophe. Look around the walls of your condo. In many cases, what’s outside those walls is what the condominium association covers. Of course, Tower Hill knows that what is inside those walls is what is most important to our customers. Tower Hill offers condo insurance that covers your belongings in the event of a fire or burglary, and liability for accidents that occur in your home. Click to learn more about ways in which your condo may not be covered, and how to fill gaps in your coverage at low cost.

Renters InsuranceRenters Insurance

You don’t own the building, but you own all your possessions inside it! Disastrous weather and theft can rob you of your belongings, which are probably worth more than you think. Renters insurance also covers your liability if someone injures themselves in your home. Learn more about the liabilities you have as a renter, and how to get the best coverage for the best price.